Friday, September 09, 2005


Good News From Louisiana

Polipundit has a great letter, with encouraging news from New Orleans and Louisiana, from "Oak Leaf," a Guardsman who is doing state active duty in recovery efforts.
Money paragraphs:
In spite of herself, Gov. Blanco had significant military assets available to her, of which she had little knowledge to effectively utilize. The people of Louisiana would have been better served had the Governor ceded control to one of the many Platoon Sergeants in the Louisiana Army National Guard that she commands.

In six days in NOLA I have seen ignorance, paralysis and blatant/shameless corruption, ALL at the “local” level of government. Should the Congress pursue an “investigation” or appoint a Commission, I would pray that the members are not current/former Louisiana politicians or family members. The military term FUBAR is an apt description of the “emergency management plan execution” by the NOLA Mayor, the NOLA Police Department, the LA Governor and all of their emergency management appointees.
Go read Oak Leaf's other observations. Ground truth.

(Via Instapundit)

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