Thursday, April 12, 2007


2007 MILBLOG Conference News

Didn’t you hear about the 2007 Military Blog Conference? I know I’ve mentioned it before.

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Andi of Welcome to Andi’s World has done an amazing job pulling the Conference together (aka herding cats), as she did in 2006. She had some help from sponsors and Soldiers' Angels, but there’s a new need to pass along.

Okay, this is a “bleg.” But it’s a really important one for those who want to share in this great conference, but must do so online.

In 2006, Greyhawk and Mrs. G were the online moderators, fielding questions from, well, the field. That means the troops and deployed MILBLOGGERS who want to tune in.

I know any of us in attendance thoroughly enjoyed all the back and forth commentary that was displayed behind the panels while participants spoke, real-time. (Aside from great observations, it proved immensely entertaining. And not just when people made fun of Matt and SMASH. Well, okay, that was pretty entertaining.)

So here it is. Funds are low, a lot of items to make this conference work cost real money. We need to raise $2,000 by April 19.

Link below is for the donation site:

If you can, tip a few dollars in the jar, and MILBLOGGERS, urge your readers to do the same. It means a lot to those MILBLOGGERS “on the front lines,” who want to tune in.

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