Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Cry a River

...for the New York State GOP.

New York Republicans allowed party big wigs to nominate crappy candidates, put up with a total lack of support from self- and only-self-serving Governor and State Senate Leader, and then sit back and bitch about the inevitable carnage on Election Day in New York.

Ordinarily, I’d attribute an attack analysis like this to the NYT Template, only in this case, I think the Times fairly reports on a State GOP that knows only how to stuff their own fatted calves and point fingers at everybody else.

Did the National GOP tell Governor Pataki to spend 6 years going steady with the junior Senator? Did the National GOP force the state fat cats to block any and all efforts at reforming a state party that insists on making all decisions in the smoke filled back rooms? Did President Bush and his RNC encourage the State Republicans to make the hundreds of backroom deals with State Democrats that ensured it was the same old same old for the last 6 years in NY?

Cry me a river, boys and girls. You don’t deserve National GOP support.

I have no choice on the National level, given the Dems complete lack of a Plan for National Security, but in New York? It’s going to go bluer than blue every election because the blowhards in Albany, Kingston, Poughkeepsie, NYC, and out on the Island think taking care of their kids and nephews and nieces and business buddies is more important than building a statewide organization from the ground up.

They're too busy building stadiums in their own honor or further their own careers.

Stephen J. Minarik III, the chairman of the state Republican Party, conceded that despite his and Gov. George E. Pataki’s ties in Washington, the national party had done little to fight Mrs. Clinton or, beyond several Congressional races, aid New York politically this year.
Yeah, funny that Minarik and Pataki can only find ways to advance Governor Pataki's dreams of the Presidency.

Don’t care what the base wants or thinks? I guess that’s why they resign themselves to only having Democrats to represent them, whether in Albany or Washington.

The New York GOP would do well to remember. Some of us know the real source of our problems are a lot closer to home. And one of these days, those of us who know better are goign to get serious about doing something about you. (Other than voting for your opponents.)

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