Thursday, November 17, 2005


Home at Last

I wanted to report to any and all of those readers who have been kind enough to read this blog, or otherwise express concern for my well being, that I am home, and well.

I owe so many so much in gratitude for their support and encouragement, it will no doubt take me quite a while to come close to matching that debt.

I am temporarily displaced from ready blogging, I must concentrate on returning to civilian employment, and there are many obligations to family and friends. But I will not forget the obligation I feel towards my faithful readers, in finishing several short pieces in proper conclusion to the OIF III phase of my blogging experience.

That, and there's a whole new set of experiences, going through demobilization, hearing people's reactions to my return, the current political climate over Iraq and the Global War on Terror, and just readjusting to civilian life.

Please have patience; this is a whole new chapter for me now, and poses its own challenges, even as I try to conclude the Chapter on my time in Iraq.

Again, thanks to all my friends in the Blogosphere. You were greatly responsible for keeping me sane and on track while I was in the sand box.

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