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Welcome for New Visitors


If you are a first time visitor, or have only recently stopped by for the first time, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, my blogs, and some samples of work I've done here since I started. I am approaching my second anniversary blogging -- boy I've wasted a lot of time with this hobby! -- I remember my first anniversary as if it was yesterday.

First things first, you may notice a link in the upper left hand corner of the blog, What Makes Me Dadmanly. (If you're curious.) As you glance up there, notice too the link to Ella's Dad at Ragged Edges, who very generously created the masthead and related graphic elements a couple of months ago.

My favorite post, that always inspires me:
The Iraqi People Have Won

The post that will always make me laugh:
The New Vatican Security Program

While I often stray into matters politic, I suppose my most earnest contributions to the blogosphere are my dispatches from daily life and events here on the FOB and from occasional adventurers beyond. Some samples include:
Single Best Component
Combat Vets
Food at the DFAC
A Special Group of Soldiers

In a similar vein, I try to capture in word portraits many of the more remarkable Soldiers with whom I serve in a series of Profiles:
The CO
The Motor Sergeant
The LT
Cooks and Contractors
Supply Sergeants
The Analysts
The Chaplain's Assistant
The First Sergeant
Vietnam Vets

I have had my share of run-ins with the Media, as posted below:
At War With the Media
Doonesbury is No Comic
Grief and Anger

Mrs. Dadmanly and Little Manly contribute from time to time, here are a couple of their more popular efforts:
A Witness of Mrs. Dadmanly
A Praise Report from Mrs. Dadmanly
Little Manly Sings a Song of Encouragement
A Little Manly Life Lesson

I am a big fan of Abraham Lincoln, and find great affinity between the great challenges of his Presidency and his speeches, and our current struggles against radical Islamic terrorism. Some of my posts involving Lincoln include:
Sandberg's Lincoln
Lincoln and His God.
Inauguration of Sorts

I have two other blogs:
Gladmanly, with postings of evangelism, sermons, and other theologically oriented contents.
Debate Space, a joint blog (now dormant) that I shared with the Liberal Avenger, in which we debated military, political and social issues from our very different perspectives, with the only condition being that we share our views respectfully and with civility. (Yes, such a thing is sometimes possible.)

By the way, the Debate Blog evolved as a response to an ongoing debate between me and several other bloggers, captured in these posts:
A False Picture of Defeat
Debate With Liberal Avenger Part Three

I write because I love to do so. I am gratified that, in the process, others can either share my enthusiasms or be prompted to engage me in argument. For me, that is the beauty of the blog, it brinsg us into connection we might not make otherwise.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if there are topics, questions, rants, or other matters (other than overdue bills) that require my attention.

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