Monday, September 12, 2005


One More Katrina Ka-Ching

Several bloggers chased after Democrats this past week for using the tragedy of events in New Orleans and Louisiana for fund raising activities barely or not at all related to the relief efforts. Both Blackfive and Captain's Quarters ran scathing commentary about these crassly political attempts to capitalize on the misery of others. It seems as if Democratic Party proxies are getting in on the action as well.

Doug at Stones Cry Out describes how Planned Parenthood Exploits Katrina. He links to a LifeNews article by Steven Ertelt, on the manner in which Planned Parenthood seeks online donations to "help Katrina victims.

(Readers, please note: I have included actual links to Planned Parenthood below, in keeping with a personal policy of allowing readers to validate for themselves that pages contain what I claim they contain. This, despite my own personal preference that no one actually access these sites.)

Not content to rely exclusively on others' accounts when I can access a source directly, I found the link described (but not actually linked by LifeNews or Stones Cry Out for reasons that are perhaps obvious).

The text of interest says:
“100% of your gift will go directly to the Planned Parenthood affiliates and health centers in that region so that they can serve women and families who have nowhere else to turn.”
Note that the aid does not go to the Actual victims of Hurricane Katrina, nor the many more victimized by rioting and lawlessness in affected areas. I am certainly glad that these desperate victims, struggling to survive or meet basic needs, food water, shelter, are very eager to find ways to meet their other needs safely. (And where would these poor unfortunates conduct all these precursors to reproductive freedom? At the Astrodome? Public shelters? (Although to be fair, if raped, victims will be able to access PP to terminate any resulting unwanted pregnancy.)

Also on the form, there’s a link identified as:
For more information about the Planned Parenthood health centers hit by Hurricane Katrina.
Yet when you follow that link, no mention of affected centers. No list. No description, just the “special services” set up for Katrina victims.

But there is this quote:
"There have been a huge number of evacuees who have come to Texas, especially from Louisiana," says Peter Durkin president and CEO, PPHSET. "Motels are sold out going all the way to San Antonio. We're offering a free month's supply of birth control pills and/or emergency contraception if they have either a Mississippi or Louisiana driver's license. During these calamities, sometimes you don't bring your pills with you, because you're trying to get out of there in one piece."
But still, of course, thinking about consequence free sex. In the old days, events such as a blackout in NYC resulted in “baby boomlets” 9 months later. PP does its best to make sure nothing like that happens with sex-deprived Katrina refugees.

Links: Outside the Beltway, Mudville Gazette, Basil's Blog, bRight & Early

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