Thursday, June 15, 2006


An Outrageous Postscript

John Noonan at Newsbusters follows up on an outrageous postscript to the New York Times awarding a terrorist gang family member a guest editorial (aka propaganda piece). I had covered this breaking story yesterday in an update to my piece on Guantanamo. I am glad to see Newsbusters jumping on the story.

I noted yesterday how the Benchellali Family’s attempt at gaining sympathy from the Times was successful, and that Jihadis get as good a reception at the Times as they likely receive from Al Jazeera.

This from the AP report, carried by CNN:

In handing down sentences, the court followed the prosecutor's office by giving the maximum 10-year term to the group's alleged chemicals expert, Menad Benchellali. However, Menad's father, Chellali Benchellali, an imam, or prayer leader, in the Lyon suburb of Venissieux, received only an 18-month suspended prison term -- far lower than the prosecution's demand for six years behind bars.

The court convicted 24 defendants of criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise, a broad charge used by France to sweep wide in bringing terror suspects to justice. One other was convicted of using false papers.

The Benchellali family was at the center of the case, with Menad's mother, Hafsa, and brother, Hafed, also on trial for roles in the plot to carry out an attack in France.

For those not already familiar with the French investigation, investigators uncovered gas canisters, fuses, chemicals, a chemical protective suit, and other chemical products such as ricin. For those as yet unfamiliar with the Benchellalis, they form the backbone of a France-based terror network, formed in Algeria and active in support of Islamic terror efforts in Chechnya.

As I stated yesterday:

It really can’t be possible that the New York Times doesn’t know that long-suffering, despairing MOURAD BENCHELLALI was a member of a reputed Jihadist family (make that gang), on the eve of the French conviction of large numbers of said “family.” A Terrorist propaganda press release, from a member of a family on the eve of their convictions for support for terrorism, and association with a busted terror plot against France.

Is their crusade against Guantanamo worth whatever shred of dignity or reputation the Gray Lady has left? Or do they really want to take sides?

(Via Milblogs)

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