Friday, June 16, 2006


This Just In

James Lileks uncovers some transcripts, previously unreported, from key Al Qaeda leadership in Iraq (as they are identified).

Apparently Jihadis in the know have great fun at the expense of whoever is identified as the new “Al Qaeda’s #1 man in Iraq.” One of the recent office folders even made this complaint, and called for restraint on the part of his fellow Jihadists:

Making a whistling sound with a descending pitch in my presence was funny the first time. We all had a good laugh. It is hereby forbidden.

This made me smile especially:

Finally, patience is our ally. We need not defeat the Americans, only outlast them. Have they not abandoned every battlefield they ever entered? Besides Germany, Japan, Korea, Kosovo and Afghanistan, of course. But just as they left Somalia when their “Democrats” took power, so will they leave Iraq when the criminal Zionist Bush regime is replaced by a slightly less criminal, albeit equally Zionist, Democratic regime. The Democrats wish to quit the war and return to their important issues, such as permitting men to marry, have a child with the cloning of cells, and then abort it. Such a people cannot fight; they can only beseech the United Nations to send Danes to frown from great distances. And I need not remind you that no one was ever killed by a 226 kilogram laser-guided Dane.

Perhaps the Milbloggers can suggest an appropriate nomenclature for a “226 kilogram laser-guided Dane.”

Read the whole thing. It’s that good.

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