Monday, November 13, 2006


The Closet Plan

The New York Times waits until after the midterm elections to observe that, so far, the Democrats have offered slogan and criticism and little else to help Iraq.

Well, sure, we wouldn’t want an editorial perspective to get in the way of accomplishing the mission, right?

At considerable expense to my nerves – and digestion – I sat through a couple of press outings by Senator Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi this weekend.

Quite astonishing, watching them fumble their way through scripted attempts to sound knowledgeable and responsible about military planning for Iraq.

I can’t remember which interview, Rep. Pelosi I think stumbled through a bland and utterly familiar list combining military and diplomatic initiatives. Not one item on her list suggested one hair’s worth of deviation from what the US military and the Bush Administration have already been doing in Iraq, nigh on 3 years.

That will be one heck of a plan for Iraq, I should observe.

“Keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing, great job and all. Meanwhile, we’ll be busted our humps trying to get you out of there as soon as we can! Oh, and remember, this is all George Bush’s fault!”

Shame on us for thinking the Democrats had no plan. They have a plan, it’s called “Whatever, Get Out Now.”

With Democrats, it’s all about who’s and what’s in the closet. If Republican Gays are in, they want them out. If the military’s out, they want them safely tucked back in, where they can’t get hurt.

Welcome to the Mommy Party. It’s all about cleaning the closets!

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