Friday, November 10, 2006


Good Advice

I don’t agree with everything Ralph Peters has to say about Iraq – certainly not since his Transfer of Authority from fighting the war – but he offers some good advice for certain parties in Washington in yesterday’s New York Post:
Advice to the Dems: You've won. Congratulations. Now get your extremists under control and assess Iraq honestly. And don't just mew about supporting our troops - do it.

Advice to the Bush administration: Don't take desperate measures in Iraq without thinking them all the way through. Mr. President, sit down one-on-one with the two- stars who command or commanded in Iraq - the fighting generals - without any Defense Department apparatchiks manipulating what you hear. Listen to the unfiltered truth.

Advice to Sen. McCain: Ask the tough questions before either the administration or the Democrats on the Hill make a bad situation worse in Iraq. Our government needs adult supervision. You're it.
Certainly what we need most at this critical time is “adult supervision.” Less certain, is whether Sen. McCain is the one to provide it. We could do worse, and we may not have any better choice.

(Via fellow MILBLOGGER Austin Bay)

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