Monday, November 06, 2006


No More Donkeys

MILBLOGGER TF Boggs tells a very timely story from his final days in Iraq:
I'll share an analogous story with you. The other night I was on the road and our convoy happened upon a donkey in the middle of the road and he wasn't going to move for anything. We drove right at him going 50 miles an hour and he didn't flinch. This donkey was impeding our ability to make progress so we swerved to avoid from hitting him. He stayed in the middle of the road for the entirety of the convoy and never moved. Being experienced soldiers we knew that we needed to press on and continue the mission despite the efforts of the donkey to stop us dead in our tracks. We eventually made it back to base safely and laughed about the whole incident.

Take what you want from the story but all I ask is that you don't let the donkey impede our progress any longer.
Godspeed home, TF Boggs. Don't be a stranger after you've settled in back home.

For the rest of us: No More Donkeys, okay? We can't let the donkeys impede our progress any longer.


For the next 48 hours or so, for any Election 2006 pieces, I’ll link to Andi’s World, in support of Andi’s Get the MILBLOG Vote Out Campaign!

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