Thursday, January 25, 2007


Some Important Links

Since its creation, has proven itself as an excellent clearinghouse for soldier support and related resources. That they’re also a good friend to MILBLOGS and MILBLOGGERS and military families, earns them special praise.

They tipped me off to two services that I wanted to highlight for MILBLOGGERS and their readership, if they haven’t already seen them.

From a mailing:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Website Launched
Barbara Romberg, a psychologist with a private practice in Washington, D.C., has created a single website to link licensed counselors with U.S. troops affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from serving Afghanistan and Iraq. More

Program Serves Wounded Warriors
The Army's Wounded Warrior Program, dubbed AW2, is designed for soldiers severely wounded in the war on terror. AW2 provides information and assistance to aid soldiers and their families through the recovery process and beyond. More

The PTSD website sounds like a very helpful addition in an area of great need. No matter how attentive the military remains, and no matter how much the Veterans Administration (VA) tries to help, undiagnosed and unidentified sufferers of PTSD refuse to avail themselves of treatment options, especially if they involve any official recognition of their condition. Contrary to what war protesters and other anti-military types might allege, this has nothing to do with a “callous and uncaring military,” and everything to do with the soldiers themselves, their character, tendency to “tough it out,” and desire to remain in service.

Not that the military or VA sometimes doesn’t contribute to soldier reluctance; many of the guys in treatment talk about the difficulties they encounter, such as when they get classified as 100% disabled. For soldiers still seeking a meaningful return to civilian life – or even to remain in service for that matter – such classifications and the limitations they impose can be frustrating. In any case, having a clearinghouse of resources that soldiers can access on their own has got to be a helpful addition to the panoply of services available.

The AW2 Program sounds like another excellent program. Many of us are familiar with Project Valour-IT and scores of other Soldiers Angels networked services, many of which specifically support wounded veterans and their families. AW2 provides another level of support for these who have sacrificed much in service to their nation.

And again, thanks to for bringing these fine services to wider attention.

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