Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Politics and Justice

Potential Presidential Candidate Fred Thompson steps into the spotlight with radio commentary on the firings of Federal Prosecutors, text up at National Review Online.

Thompson notes the media frenzy, and concludes this:
There was nothing wrong with firing eight U.S. attorneys. Of course the Department of Justice was inept in the way they did it, trying to conceal things that didn’t need to be concealed but the U.S. attorneys, like innumerable other public officials serve at the pleasure of the president. He fired eight of his own appointees apparently because they we not aggressive enough in pursuing voting fraud cases. In 1993 Attorney General Janet Reno rode into town and fired every U.S. attorney in the country but one-all Republican appointees.
Pretty straightforward, from a straightforward man.

Thompson, eh? Worth consideration. Presumably he'd be more likely to be the strong variety of President he seems to think we need.

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