Thursday, June 21, 2007


Life Among the Amazons

NRO Editor Kathryn Jean Lopez asks, “Does Hillary Know Any Men Other Than Bill?”

The object of her question is a mostly gushing piece of Hillaryland, who’s only permanent citizens are women, as serenaded in The Washington Post.

If Bill Clinton and her male colleagues in the Senate represent her contacts with Male America, is it any wonder that she seems a tad too preoccupied with a narrow slice of gender issues? (Not to mention, how much that may have distorted and corrupted her views and attitudes towards men: In Hillaryland, men are either philanderers, or wimps, or gay. Strength as a personal character seems demonstrated only by the women in her world.

No kidding, wouldn’t Senator Clinton have a better understanding of America and all Americans if she had close, intimate working relationships with persons among that most maligned of minorities, the American Male?

Of course, if this meme gets any traction, expect a flurry of fawning pieces about Hillary’s close friendships with a variety of GenuineTM Men.

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