Monday, September 17, 2007


A Letter to Congress

I was invited to write an OP Ed in response to General Petraeus’ testimony this past week and my thoughts on our efforts in Iraq. The OP Ed was published this past Sunday in the New York Daily News.

Here’s an excerpt:

Wars take time. They require steady will and determination. They compel commitment.

If fighting Saddam Hussein, and later Al Qaeda, in Iraq was important when earlier in this mission, they should still be important today. Al Qaeda is badly wounded there and elsewhere, but they aren’t dead yet. Iraq is making gains as a democratic nation, but they still need help. They still need time.

Dear Senators and Representatives, you criticize President Bush relentlessly — picking apart the speech he gave last week with withering words, looking for any and every chance to bring him down.

But at least he maintains steady attention to this war. At least he seems to grasp the stakes of losing and the danger of giving up. Not so Congress.

Leaders influence the morale of their people, for good or bad. I wish you wanted to lead your constituents towards victory rather than defeat.

The Op Ed has been linked by Wake Up Americans and Right Voices.

Good timing, with Vets for Freedom on Capitol Hill Monday and Tuesday, September 17-18th. More information here.

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