Thursday, June 05, 2008


Extended Hiatus

Unfortunately, work and family obligations have interrupted my blogging. Not that it hasn't been obvious to the vanishingly small readership that stubbornly continues to visit.

Quick observations, since I'm here.

Sen. Clinton played Tuesday night, politically, extremely well. First, floating a rumor that she would concede the nomination race that night, followed by a perfunctory denial by Terry McAuliffe. Then a carefully planted statement that Clinton would consider accepting a VP slot under Democratic candidate Sen. Obama. She guaranteed maximum audience for her Tuesday night non-concession, completely obliterating the PR value of Obama clnching the nomination.

Whatever else happened, or will happen, she dampened his bump and maintained her control over the media story for 24-48 hours longer than she should have expected.

Events in Iraq. Press reports of an "Explosion" in Baghdad, killing 18, wounding 70 some, carefully omitting headline or lede clarification that it was an accidental explosion. Nicely done, if the publisher's intent is to mislead and misinform. (Courtesy of Kevin Williamson of Media Blog.)

Choice of Presidential Candidates. Hmmm. Easy choice, if somewhat unpleasant. Either one wins, we get official recognition of a falsely characterized, thinly evidenced, and entirely exaggerated global warming. Worse, both candidates assume anthropogenic global warming (AGW), contrary to good science or sound reason. No good will come from this. The only bright spot, AGW proponents are acknowledging that the "fact" of AGW will be greatly contradicted by a lengthy period of cooling. Who knows, the ardor of these same foul weather AGW friends may slacken with lowering temperatures.

Enough for now. An annual military obligation, the highlight of our training year, in fact, will keep me occupied through the weekend.

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