Sunday, January 02, 2005


End of the Beginning

I am off today on a new phase of my adventure as part of the U.S. military. I have been saying this is the end of the beginning, finishing not just extensive preparations but a great big cup of "hurry up and wait."

We are all relieved to finally take up a more active role, and to shake off the doldrums that come from being over-ready. Spirits are high, there's some anxiety, but more than that there's a confidence and excitement about the adventure to come.

Not all supported this experiment in democracy, but all support anything that helps fight the War on Terror as much as this exercise in American Will.

I am more proud of my fellow soldiers than I have ever been, and will be honored to serve alongside such heroes and heroines. It may have taken us "a little while to get our head in the game" as one of the men just said, but their head is in the game. They are ready to serve as they are called.

God Bless them all, God Bless this country of abundant blessings, God Bless the Iraqi people who will carry the debt of the American lives sacrificed willingly on their behalf!

Warriors ... Get 'er Done!

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