Saturday, February 12, 2005


An Apology

I have been writing "mass emails" to friends and family, and I was convicted that I owed them an apology, as follows.

I think I owe you all (or most of you anyway) an apology.

I got to thinking about this the other day, and then (Mrs. Dadmanly) kind of brought it more consciously to my attention (she is a blessing that way, no really!).

It occurred to me that I can be really really bold, even obnoxious, because, let's face it, I'm in Iraq, and no matter how obnoxious my views or oppressive my political rantings, how many if any of you are going to say, "okay now that's enough can you please SHUT UP!"

Okay, now maybe none of you would even want to say something quite that strong, but I bet you wouldn't even say it nicely but mean the same thing. I mean, it occurred to me, I'm in Iraq and that's kind of scary and who really wants to start an argument with one of our soldiers in harms way? Like I have a kind of Guilt Insurance Policy that allows me to be as much of a blowhard as I want to be.

Oh sure, I know you all can be reading through one of my emails, and start saying to yourself, "uh oh, here he goes..." and hit the old delete button. But still, maybe some of you read the whole thing because you feel obligated, or others want to have a civil discussion and raise some contrary points, but after all, this guys in Iraq and do we really want to risk getting him all mad, he might go and yell at his troops or throw stuff around like the army guys in the movies, or even want to go shoot stuff up. (I don't know, it's possible some of you think this stuff!)

So, I want to say I'm sorry to anyone I've offended with these many emails. I have gotten a very good suggestion to use BCC, as I am acquainted or related with all of you from many different areas of my life, and I needed to be more respectful of your privacy. No one has gone so far as to say, "Please, no more emails!" but again, that could come back to the whole "I don't want my soldier friend to feel bad or think I don't support him."

Frankly, when I start getting all hopped up, righteously indignant about some political matter or another, when my hair starts flying around (okay, not so much of that anymore) and my eyes bug out and I start pounding on my keyboard, then I think I've saddled up my obsessive compulsive side and strayed a few miles off the ranch!

When I'm rested, and more clearly focused, and in touch with my faith and Higher Power (who I chose to acknowledge as Jesus), I find it easier to interact with just as much passion and feeling, but with an inner peace. I think that's when you know you're in the presence of the Lord, or at least not fighting against what He can speak to our hearts and into our circumstances.

For those who enjoy the odd political rant, I direct your attention again to my web log ("blog") at, where I no doubt will still unleash a torrent or two when I just can't keep my mouth shut. But in the interest of inner and outer peace (inner being mine, outer being yours), I will try to keep my emails focused on my walk and my experiences here. Thanks again to Mrs. Dadmanly, for being part of His instrument in the molding of this imperfect vessel.

And thanks to all of you as well, for being part of God's greater purpose in all of our lives, for if you are reading these messages from the front, you are part of His working through me.

Rick Warren writes in the Purpose Driven Life Daybreak for Sunday, February 13th:

"Life on earth is a trust. Our time on earth and our energy, intelligence, opportunities, relationships, and resources are all gifts from God that He has entrusted to our care and management. We are stewards of whatever God gives us. This concept of stewardship begins with the recognition that God is the owner of everything and everyone on earth."

God bless you all mightily this day,


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