Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Back Home Away from Home

I'm back today from my pass. And yes, I managed to relax and enjoy myself (beer helped, 3 beers helped threefold).

Thanks for the suggestions, the steak at Chilis was as good as advertised.

We never did get allowed off base, but I think that the USO deserves a very hearty pat on the back for doing everything they could to bring the local culture to us. I didn't ride the camels, but then again I won't have a pet inside my house either. It was nice to see them. Likewise the hookas, I wouldn't risk starting smoking again but it was fun to have them around. (They did remind some here of hazy views from college days, but I won't name names.)

The chapel there is very impressive, considering it looks like a hangar from the outside (like every other structure there), but reminiscent of the Crystal Cathedral on the inside. Their Easter program was very nice, and I got to sing some of my Easter favorites. The Chaplain told me afterward he was originally from Boston, and was very pleased later that evening when he noticed my Red Sox T-Shirt in the Top Off club. He did a fine job with the Resurrection sermon, although I missed the services that were planned on my FOB.

If you have a choice, and one of them is some time in Qatar, I'd say go. Enjoy. They won't let you have too much fun, but the fun you have will be enough. (Unless there's just No pleasing you.

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