Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Gathering Momentum

Michael Ledeen writes on Revolution in the National Review Online:
Our most lethal weapon against the tyrants is freedom, and it is now spreading on the wings of democratic revolution. It would be tragic if we backed off now, when revolution is gathering momentum for a glorious victory.

Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, even Suadi Arabia. There are protests all over the "Arab Street," but they are crying out the slogans of freedom and against tyranny. They do not hate America, and they know that this opportunity has been provided by the U.S., led by President Bush. We are seeing a new century unfold in a very new way, but one our founders would have recognized.

Sadly, freedom is never free, and those who are not willing to fight for freedom may be doomed to lose it. It is no time to lose heart, or let a counting of costs lead us to say, "that's too muchy for us to bear."

Ledeen must conclude as he has these past 3 1/2 years:
Faster, please. The self-proclaimed experts have been wrong for
generations. This is a revolutionary moment. Go for it.

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