Thursday, March 17, 2005


A Letter to the Next (Iraqi) President

Al-Witwiti, posting at Friends of Democracy, writes a heartfelt letter to the next Iraqi President (via Instapundit).

Al-Witwiti writes:
Let your slogan be Iraq is for the Iraqis. Iraqis should always be first, not second or tenth or last. And when I say “Iraqis” I mean Kurds, Arabs, Azoreans, Armenians, Chaldeans, Turkmen, and Jews.
And concludes with:
In our new Iraq we don’t want to see a Kurdish child freezing out in the cold, or his family shacking in caves. We don’t want to see the children of Basra wearing worn clothes and shoes. If this happens, consider yourself overthrown because you will not have fulfilled your duty.

Salaam for he who loves his people and gives them dignity.
The Iraqi people speak in many languages, from many different points of view, with many different goals and aspirations. But can anyone who reads the hopeful words of Iraqi patriots such as Al-Witwiti, doubt for a moment the sincerity their hope? The desire and determination to cultivate the full-fruits, first-fruits, finest fruits of democracy and freedom?

Follow the link. Read his plea. Realize that we in the U.S. take such things for granted, and when we perceive the slightest of insult by our government, we wildly characterize these failings as those described by Al-Witwiti.

And then realize how very different really the new Iraq will be from the old Iraq, and how much our two peoples will now have in common.

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