Thursday, March 31, 2005


Military Blogging

SGT Stryker's Daily Brief has a fascinating first-person account of a 4 Star Marine General's command policy regarding Marine responses to the questions he poses on his (!) blog.

The General specifically forbids any level of command between himself and any responding Marine from preventing, discouraging, altering, or influencing their responses.

Has a very high level military commander found a practical military application for blogging, in response to the very real time challenges of the information operations warfight? I hope he means what he says, and I hope he's prepared for what he'll hear.

Most commander's don't like to hear bad news, especially when it goes against their opinions, pet projects, natural prejudices, or their egos. That's why so many of their staff are far better at truth spinning than truth telling. Will his Marines dare to speak "Truth to Power?" My guess is yes, because these guys are Marines.

Quite the internet equivalent of the Commander's Open Door Policy.

Also see related story at Winds of Change,

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