Wednesday, March 02, 2005


The Pragmatism of American Idealism

Austin Bay, Strategy Page, using personal experience with a Syrian friend to describe the universal hunger for liberty, but how easily that gets masked in autocratic societies.

Bay captures the Irony of the moment:
I don't believe in happy endings, merely a respite before the next struggle, However, this Millennium War has reached and passed a crucial midpoint.

All but the most recalcitrant, calcified and now laughable naysayers in the West suddenly recognize the pragmatism of American idealism. Since 9-11, extending political and economic opportunity into the world's hard corners -- by curbing the power of corrupt autocracies, by toppling the tyrannical thugs who rule by terror -- have been the heart and soul of American strategy.
The Pragmatism of American Idealism: when America's National Interests and Ideals are one.

Who'd have guessed that the answers to the critical challenges we face in the 21st century lay in the manuscripts and artifacts of our very founding, some 230 years ago? Resurrect Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Madison, and Paine: Meet the purple-fingered heirs to your inheritance!

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