Thursday, March 03, 2005


The Rest of the Story!

A perfect example of why the mainstream media (MSM) CANNOT be relied upon. If there's three primary parts to a story, and the one in the middle changes the entire meaning of the event (always to support the U.S. or the success of our efforts), guess which part gets edited out?

Reid Stott, writing on The Daily Whim, happened to catch MSM in one of their edits of significant events:

I don’t normally watch network TV news, but tonight I just happened to catch about two minutes of Peter Jennings on ABC. And it fully reinforced why I don’t bother with network TV news anymore.

It was about nine minutes into the broadcast, and Jennings was doing a story about the aftermath of the horrible bombing in Hillah on Monday. They showed some of the funerals, talked about the difficulty with identifying some of the remains, and the fact they’d had to cancel a mass funeral procession for fear of another suicide attack. And that was it. Nothing more worth reporting.

If you relied on Mr. Jennings for your worldly info, you would have no idea that thousands of Iraqis braved the risk of another attack to loudly protest the animals who perpetrated this attack.

Hopefully you've heard from sources other than the nightly news that thousands of Iraqis dressed in black responded to this attack by pouring out into the streets, chanting “No to terrorism!” and “No to Baathism and Wahhabism!” (Wahhabism is the brand of militant Islam sold around the world by Saudi-sponsored hate-mongers, and in Iraq represents Zarqawi and other foreign terrorists who view Iraq as today's battle against the "Great Satan" U.S.)

Reid concludes:

Look around the world, and the Middle East in particular. Who is on the run? Who is the Arab Street speaking out against … now? Thousands protest, and a compromised government resigns. Another opens the doors to wider elections. And
thousands more speak out against terrorism and the fundamentalist faith that fuels them, while their terrorist leader suggests “maybe you should move on to another target.”

As I’ve said, it seems plain as day to me. One month ago, the people of the Middle East watched eight million Iraqis risk death to cast a ballot, as well as their joy at being able to do so. And they did it not long after Palestinians did the same. Now all of these people see what the Arab Street can really do. They used to be told, you can use it to shout down the Jews and The Great Satan, but don’t cross this line.
But they’ve watched. And learned. And now we see them marching across that line.

If you don’t see it, well, you need to look harder. And stop watching Peter Jennings.

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