Friday, March 11, 2005


Try New Ways

Jeff Jarvis, writing in the generally left of center Buzz Machine, offers some constructive advice to his fellow progressives. When even liberals start to see the dominoes fall, and want to get in on the domino "push," then the argument is nearly won:
If we liberals were smart, we'd be coopting the issue of freedom and human rights -- the way that conservatives coopted it from us... and the way the Bill Clinton coopted fiscal responsibility from conservatives.

Agree or disagree about how we got here. Agree or disagree about what comes next (read Brooks' column: even Wolfowitz says that Iraq must be the military exception). I don't even care if you don't want to give credit to Wolfowitz and Bush; I just don't want to see the fruits of their strategy rejected just because it is their strategy.

There's a hole in the dam of tyranny in the Middle East and freedom is flowing. Damnit. We should be holding the United Nations accountable for spreading freedom and not standing in the way. We should be figuring out how we can support movements of freedom -- without invasion -- in Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain.....

One small way to do that is to give voice to the freedom-loving people of those nations. That's the small thing we can do.

Jarvis sees no acceptable alternative:
If you don't like the way Wolfowitz is trying to spread freedom in the
world, then try to find new ways. But standing back and not trying is not
acceptable. Freedom is the best cause of all.

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