Wednesday, April 06, 2005


La Shawn Barber

If you haven't discovered La Shawn Barber, you should follow the link and get to know her.

A good conservative blogger, Le Shawn incurred the wrath of some fellow (I think misguided) conservatives who didn't like how she responded with sensitivity and compassion in acknowledging the passing of Pope Jonh Paul II:
What’s most disappointing is that some of the hostile folks are bloggers who’ve wholeheartedly endorsed my political views. Together we’ve ranted against liberalism. As long as I wrote what was agreeable to them, all was well. But after just one post, a mere comment on the death of the Pope, some of these same bloggers have expended the energy to e-mail their intent to de-link my site from their blog rolls.

Just like that, they’ve severed the relationship. All these months of writing in tandem on political topics, and suddenly they want nothing to do with LBC. Let me tell you something, people, my comment was mild compared to what needs to be said!

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know I’m not bothered by self-important announcements about why you won’t be reading or linking anymore. In theory. I’m bothered that you’ve turned so quickly. It’s almost stunning.

I do believe God is trying to tell me something. Uncharacteristically, this whole episode has disturbed me. True to form, however, I’m fueled by it and motivated to defend my faith! It’s funny how people don’t seem to care about offending me by what they believe, but then cry like banshees when I express my faith.

Le Shawn, I do believe God is trying to tell you something, as He's telling me something, as He yearns so much to tell the whole world. The gospel of Jesus as told by His disciples is the good news of the Love that the Father has for each of us. You are a good and faithful servant in remaining true to that message.

Le Shawn's parting word to her detractors:
All praises belong to the Father in Christ Jesus, who is our Intercessor and Redeemer before the Father. There exists no other intercessor or redeemer between God and men, and I’m eternally grateful that my salvation depends on no man or work or tradition, but only on Christ’s unending grace and unspeakable mercy.

One last word to my new detractors. You once admired my courage to speak boldly for conservative values. The same courage allows me to speak boldly for the biblical view of the Gospel. If I’ve lost favor with you, so be it. But the courage is still the same, and it will cease for no man.

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