Monday, April 25, 2005


No Fruit Cup for You!

My lively discussion with the Liberal Avenger has led me in places in the Blogosphere I probably wouldn't ordinarily frequent. A very pleasant surprise was Moonbatabattoir.

Bedrocktruth is gravely concerned with the health of the Democratic Party, and rescuing it from the clutches of the Moonbats. After spending a short while with his site, I think I share his concern, if for somewhat different reasons.

Republicans can't do it alone. We are a divided country politically, so Democrats need to grow up, get over it, and act like responsible adults about the real threats from Islamic Fundamentalism and Terrorism worldwide -- join the struggle for democratic freedoms around the world -- set aside their deep resentment over 2000, 2004, and GW Bush.

This should be just as important to conservatives. There is something noble about a truely noble about a loyal opposition, and it wasn't that long ago that it was made up of people like us. Think of the impact a combined consciousness of national security minded Democrats and likeminded Republicans could have in advancing the War on Terror, and the promotion of democratic principles abroad?

My own current and recent experience with thoughtful critics like The Liberal Avenger should underscore that dialog is possible, and that many of us will find common ground. I know we will all learn something.

I am herewith announcing my intent to create cross-border dialog with those thoughtful and concerned liberals who are as alarmed with the current state of political discourse and discussion as I am. Please contact me with any ideas, I thought perhaps a group blog, or interest in creating such a debate space in the Blogosphere.

Ah, the fruitcup line, from Bedrocktruth:
You might remember the scene from "High Anxiety" when Harvey Corman rushes to the breakfast table, swashes his napkin like a matador's cape, hoists his spoon for the culinary assault, then discovers to his horror that there's NO FRUIT CUP! in it's familiar place on the plate. Cloris Leachman's nurse Diesel acidly explains-"those who are TaaaRRRRdy don't get fruit cup!!" LGF has used the comment several times.

It's heartening, sometimes comical-but sad really; this rapidly accelerating meltdown of the Democratic Party (the toes are in their final convulsive rollup and slowly disappearing beneath the house).

I say heartening because I'm convinced that the current leadership, its acolytes and icons will need to be thoroughly exorcised if the party is ever going to return to its roots as even a minimally acceptable representative of heartland thought, values and policy in the country.

In short, my liberal friends-dump the Moonbats now if you ever hope to get fruit cup again!

Do something about the moonbats, or no fruit cup for you!

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