Sunday, May 01, 2005


The Battle for the Soul of the Judiciary

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters has taken up the cause of Judicial Confirmation, and precisely identifies the real reason Senate Democrats have taken to adapting the Filibuster to preventing appointment of certain judges nominated by the President:
Judicial nominees like William Pryor and Janice Rogers Brown (who won 76% of Californian votes in her last election to the State Supreme Court) have been called "extremists" and "Neanderthals" for their "deeply held personal beliefs", as Chuck Schumer put it, which has become code for "Catholicism" and opposition to abortion. Instead of honestly debating the real issues, the Democrats have chosen to smear people of faith in the hope of driving them underground, to steal their voices and to scare them away from the public square. They want the overwhelming majority of Americans who profess faith in God to shut the Hell up, and leave government to the atheists.

I am convinced this is quite true. Clearly, Senate Democrats can't publicly say that's why they are against these candidates, but surely this is why. And as a Christian citizen of the U.S., that offends me even more than the insults and character assassination they are using to achieve their ends.

Captain Ed has an answer to the pressure for people of faith to remove themselves from the public square:
No thank you. We are all Americans, and our government should reflect the values held by the mainstream, not just the faithless.

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