Sunday, May 08, 2005


Debate Space on Vietnam Draft Avoidance

Over at Debate Space, I respond to some questions posed by Liberal Avenger about draft avoidance during Vietnam, as it relates to Clinton, Bush, and Cheney.

There are a number of other discussions ongoing at Debate Space:

Homosexuality and the Service: Liberal Avenger quizzes me about my stance on Dont' Ask, Don't Tell, as a serviceman, Father, Conservative and Christian.

In Town/Gown Interaction, I respond to Liberal Avenger's questions aboiut any contact I have with ordinary Iraqis.

Why Two Personas? expresses my confusion and dismay over what I perceived as a one way when we talk together (civil), another when I'm wiht my Liberal friends (uncivil).

In Religious Expression and the Public Square, Liberal Avenger and I discuss claims of a new Theocracy contrasted with claims of a new Persecution.

What's up with Bolton? is Liberal Avenger's questions about how a MILBLOGGER reacts to news that Colin Powell doesn't support Bolton as Ambassador to the U.N.

All of these are good, civil discussions with some very animated debate in our comments section.

Enjoy, but with civility.

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