Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Debate Space

My apologies for the break in posting; we suffered a couple of days loss of connectivity, and I was starting a new project.

Regular readers may recall a recent series of debates I have had with The Liberal Avenger, an anti-war blogger who had questions he wanted to ask about the war and our efforts here.

The Avenger and I have launched Debate Space, a joint blog that allows us to ask each other questions, go back and forth a bit, then invite readers to join in the discussion via comments.

As many readers on both the left and right have commented, it is rare for a civil debate of this kind to take place without insult, attacks, and an inability to respond with rational argument. But so far, we are that rare exception.

I invite my readers to spend some time at Debate Space. The questions are good, but the answers are better.

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