Wednesday, May 11, 2005


The Matador’s Sword

Battle on the Syrian Border, reporting on the Marine Assault on Qaim, along the Euphrates River and Surrounding Area.

Best coverage:
Bill Roggio at The Fourth Rail
The Adventures of Chester
The Belmont Club
Donald Sensing at One Hand Clapping

Part of an overall plan to systematically eliminate insurgency from pockets of resistance, allowing new Iraqi Army and Security Forces to take on security of the country.

Finally hitting major supply lines from Syria, in area believed by many ex-Baathists to be a safe haven. Safe haven no longer.

Insurgents choosing to stand and fight, best fighters, well trained, foreign Jihadists. Good for us, not blended back in to ambivalent civilian populations. They will be soundly defeated, further degrade insurgent capability.

The beginning of the end. Expect to see a flurry of high visibility attacks against civilian targets in a final desperate effort to regain PR advantage, even as they lose their last best hope of maintaining resistance.

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