Saturday, May 07, 2005


What to Do With Iran?

Adventures of Chester had a very interesting post about Iran a while ago, and I've been meaning to comment.

He poses the question, "What role might we bloggers here in the US play? How can we help?"

He suggests that we can publicize large popular protests. We can to draw attention, we can possibly lure in mainstream news media or at least alert blog audiences. He points out, correctly in my view, that Iran is in a stronger position than Syria or the outgoing regime in Ukraine. Iran will surely deal harshly with any rebellion. And lastly, Chester observes that upcoming elections on June 17th could offer an opportunity or catalyst for change.

He recommends we build a network of linkages with Iranian bloggers now, develop partnerships, and look for creative ways to build redundant channels in case the government starts taking out bloggers in reprisal (as they already imprison them).

I would be curious about other other ideas.

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