Friday, June 03, 2005


A Little Manly Essay

Little Manly goes to a remarkable school. I wish it wasn’t so remarkable, in the sense that once upon a time a school like ours existed in almost every small town and many large ones too. You’ll see what I mean in a moment, but let me say I’m very blessed my son goes to this school. And that itself is no accident.

Little Manly (aged nine, 3rd grade) was asked to write an essay for the school’s annual Flag Day Essay Contest, and this is what he wrote.
Write what the flag represents and means to you……

There are many different things the flag stands for in my opinion. For instance, blue stands for justice and sincerity to all who inhabit the earth, and red which shows courage and valor. Plus, white that shows we Americans are faithful.

It all began after the revolution… up until 1814 there were many different flags, but they all were red, white, and blue. So in 1814 Fort McHenry asked an elderly woman and her daughter to make 2 flags, one regular sized flag plus an extra large sized flag. (both were traditional, you know, stars and stripes.) So because of the flag the government declared “that flag is the only flag of America.”

So that takes us to the civil war….when the flag changed a lot. You know when countries split so did the flag. And that was bad, although the union 27 states and the confederacy had only 14 states. But in the beginning there were only 2 states and that inspired the rest to rise up and fight back. Plus in the beginning the union was losing. But in the end they won.

So until now the flag has gotten more stars but nothin’ else but hardship and war and peace. So let me explain that there’s property of America but they’re not on the flag is because they’re not states they’re territories. And I just wanted to say the stars stand for the states and the stripes stand for the 13 original colonies. So now with my dad in Iraq and my heart towards God all I can say is the flag stands for all.
I especially enjoyed his observation that, until now, the flag has grown stars but "nothin’ else but hardship and war and peace." I'd say that's about right.

UPDATE: Now included as a Covered Dish Special at Basil's Blog. Get a pick-me-up from one of Basil's selections, if you wish!

UPDATE: Two for One! John Schroeder from Blogotional links both this and the essay from Little Manly. First time visitors, welcome. If you have the time, this is the place. Enjoy! Thanks, John.

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