Thursday, June 23, 2005


A Short Hiatus

I will be away and out of the Area of Operations (AO) for a couple of weeks due to much needed Rest & Recovery (R&R). (Recuperation? Restoration? Renewal? Rehabilitation? One of those "R" words, anyway!)

In my absence, which unfortunately for you will probably be accompanied by a total void of new posts or updates -- No posts for YOU! -- may I humbly suggest sampling my Blogroll, and in particular I recommend:

Mudville Gazette: Greyhawk and Mrs. Greyhawk, to whom all MILBLOGGERS owe a tremendous debvt of gratitude, do a fantastic job. Link to other MILBLOGGERS, or check out Mrs. Greyhawk's Dawn Patrol, that daily samples the best the MILBLOGGERS have to offer!

Blogotional: John does an excellent job sampling the current dialogs within the Christian Community, and he tracks the goings on of our deployed Military, too!

Winds of Change: John Roggio of The Fourth Rail joined recently, which adds to an already impressive cast of contributors. Like Chrenkoff, excellent source of news from Iraq and other points of tension.

Chrenkoff: Arthur is, of course, the best source of Good News in the battlespaces of Global War on Terror.

Ragged Edges: Ella's Dad posts some great work on various Christian, cultural, and political issues of the day. He also designed the new look, which I very much appreciate!

Lileks: James Lileks and His Bleat, Screedblog, and amusing etcetera, as always, the best writer on the web.

Enjoy, see you in sometime in July!

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