Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Some Thoughts on Slander

John Schroeder has a must read piece at Blogotional, Slandering the Military.

John gets it just right, in his broader discussion of the many Vietnam tangents the press is determined to open up, but also in the specific comments relating to our incident here with the 42nd ID. While it is unfortunate that larger media outlets can't resist tying this story to "favorite themes," it is nevertheless encouraging that local, small town press can still offer a valuable contribution of reporting (just) the facts.

I wanted to clarify earlier, that I am withholding comments on the specifics of this case for two reasons. One is official, the other unofficial, but strictly speaking, neither is "legal," in that neither I nor any soldier in my unit nor my unit itself are in any way involved in this incident. The two reasons:

1) I have been directed to refrain from any public comment on ongoing military investigations based on current military policy on blogging, and

2) I believe it inappropriate for me to comment publicly until the investigation is completed and a trial is held.
We know both the victims and the individual held on charges. We are familiar with many details that may relate to the investigation or figure in some way in either the prosecution or the defense. Comment by fellow soldiers or adjacent units may interfere with the course of military justice. And that would not only violate the Army's code of ethics, but my personal code of ethics as well. That, and it would make a bad situation infinitely worse.

I have very high confidence that right will be done in this case, and justice rendered accordingly.

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