Saturday, June 11, 2005


A Tragedy Worsens

I appreciate Blackfive linking to my initial post from the tragic incident we just experienced.

By now, no doubt folks have seen the news reports, that military authorities have opened a criminal investigation into the deaths.

Most of the news reports have been pretty straight up, but it won't be long before the anti-war types are sputtering this kind of garbage.

As this is now an active investigation for CID, I am no longer at liberty to comment further on details that might pertain to the investigation. I have no doubt the Army will get the bottom of this tragic mystery. Perhaps its not too optimistic to hope that the media will be as interested in the whole truth when the investigation is completed, rather than just those bits that diminish or tarnish our Division, the rest of our patriots in Iraq, or our broader Global War on Terror.

(Linked at Basil's Blog)

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