Saturday, June 04, 2005


UN Finds British Corruption

(Via Instapundit)

Is there anyone else that found it odd, that with all the wrongdoing and improprieties uncovered at the UN Oil For Food scandals, Kofi Annan's first guy to fire was held culpable in a sweetheart deal for a British Firm? Not a French or Russian one? And with no accusation that the UN Official benefitted financially?

Could it be a pre-emptive strike on Annan's part, trying to lay the groundwork for a "there was plenty of guilt to go around" defense? Tarring the enemy first?

With all the ties to French and Russian firms and officials, I find it highly suspect the first guy ushered out the door is accused of "favoring" a British Firm.

Of course, if it was a French Official, or a French Firm, my guess would be there'd be a payment involved...

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