Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Christian Carnival LXXX is Up!

The latest edition of the Christian Carnival has been posted at Daddypundit.

A quick stroll through the Carnival yielded the following treats.

There is a lot in our labels -- but we are not labels -- we are people, and we are people who are at our best when we find ourselves in a proper relation with the triune God--according to John at Blogotional.

Wayne's World 2005 looks into the human side of peacekeeping and reconstruction in Iraq through the eyes and handsome smile of Sgt. Wayne West and his family.

Lance at Ragged Edges also adds his two cents to the discussion in a post entitled There's Something About Harry.

And of course, I might suggest my own post, A Matter of Consequence, where I reflect on Abraham Lincoln, who led our country with deep conviction during a time of great tragedy and sacrifice. His words pointed back towards Truth and the Eternal he saw as directly guiding our Nation's destiny – if it would but survive.

Stop by, take a stroll, and do your part to encourage Christian blogging!

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