Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Christian Carnival is Up!

The Bloke in the Outer hosts this week's Christinan Carnival.

The Bloke organized the Carnival in a very unusual and creative way, and one that will teach most of us something we did not know. I'll let the Bloke describe it:
As we begin this week’s showcase of posts, I would like to introduce to you an ancient Chinese Christian text. It was found among scrolls discovered hidden in the caves of Dunhuang and were subsequently known as the Jesus Sutras. Very little is known about their origins, but the stories that have come to us from those who have researched them are facinating. At the very least, it has confirmed how seriously the early church took Jesus’ words to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, and it sheds light in how they have interacted with peoples of remote areas and distant cultures. It also gives us hope of reaching the world with the gospel of the peace that passes all understanding. And it provides us with a glimpse of the gospel through different perspectives, thus hopefully helping us to fresher insights to the meaning of following our Lord in this world.

Within these texts is this passage which begins with the question: “What are the Four Essential Laws of Dharma?” Dharma literally means “what holds together” and can refer to teachings, principles, or precepts. The Jesus Sutras answers the question with the following four dharmas: “no wanting” (or “no desire”), “no doing” (or “no action” or “no effort”), “no piousness” (or “no virtue”), and “no truth”. As you read this week’s Christican Carnival, I invite you to do so with an attitude of learning with a view of catching a fresh glimpse of your life in the Spirit as a Christ follower.
As for the links, there are many fine entries to visit and enjoy, among them:
Ron Stewart of Northern ‘burbs blog continuing his series on marriage in The purposes of Marriage: Part III - Completion writes about how spouses complete and complement each other.

James Jordan of Points of Light provides us with some stunning visual reminders that “God does some of His best work in the early part of the day” in Up Early, comparing these images to the many Scriptural references about meeting God in the morning.

Robin of Write Thinking: Miscellaneous Musings of a Christian Novelist has provides us with a personal reflection on the question of who or what we rely upon as the source for our sense of security, intertwining her own thoughts Biblical references and themes from her own writing.

From a Penitent Blogger we have a lesson from Moses’ experience of facing the uncertainties of life and death with calm faith and trust in God’s grace and mercy in Helplessness and Anxiety.

Mark Olson at Psuedo-Polymath offers some thoughts on the struggle between modesty, spirituality, art and worship in A Good Beginning.

And of course, I have a post at the Carnival as well. Starting with a personal reflection on my own journey of faith, I examine the second part of Romans chapter 2, focusing on the initiative and priority of God’s rich love and mercy when He wrote His law onto our hearts.
Enjoy the Carnival!

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