Saturday, August 27, 2005


Makaha Surf Report

(Via Mudville Gazette)

You must read this post from the Makaha Surf Report. One, it describes the heat here better than I've ever heard expressed. And two, he describes the American Soldier in terms every American should hear. An excerpt:
They go out everyday and face mortal peril, they go out and have to confront the evil of our time, they go out and see friends killed or maimed for life. They do that and still they smile much more than they scowl, they show love and compassion to the Iraqi people instead of fear and hatred. They still believe in the mission even after nearly 1900 of them have been cut down in the sands of Mesopotamia. Being here with them reinforces my beliefs in humanity and my idealism, with brave and selfless men and women such as these, anything is possible. The fires of human passions are often at their hottest in war, the fires of evil seek to scorch and destroy all that is good, in our men and women I see the fires of righteousness in action.
Go. Read. Now.

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