Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Beware of Politics

Can we agree that P.J. O'Rourke is one of the greatest writers alive that is the least so acknowledged? Maybe it's just me. I will go months at a time, see nothing of his in print (guiltily I admit, I do not seek him out), and when I happen upon his byline, I remind myself, I must read him more often.

Writing for the 10th Anniversary of the Weekly Standard, O'Rourke writes:
To claim that one's political activities are the will of God is to worship Beelzebub, as Osama bin Laden has demonstrated. To loudly call for separation of church and state is to miss the point. Why is there never a call for separation of state and coven?
Separation of church and state screamfests rage, as if high moral fiber and deep religious convictions are causing all kinds of societal mayhem.

O'Rourke trots out a rap sheet of common political violations of the Ten Commandments, and poses a cautionary warning for people who try to honor God, yet remain afflicted to the addiction of politics:
Observe our national politics. Observe politics around the world. Observe politics through the ages. Does it look like God's handiwork? When it comes to having a role in politics, that would be the Other Fellow.

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