Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Chrenkoff's "Retirement"

(Reposted from August 7, 2005)

Supporters of our military and diplomatic efforts in Iraq received some disappointing news this week, with word that Arthur Chrenkoff will "hang up his pajamas" shortly. Arthur's recent promotion, its demands and the expected sensitivities of higher management have prompted his decision.

Those who follow this blog should know that I have the highest regard for Arthur and his efforts in support of the Coalition in Iraq, and the broader, Global War on Terror. Arthur's Good News from Iraq and other similar ventures have been tremendously successful broadcasting the very substantial good news of our efforts in the face of media silence, ambivalence, and worse.

Every two weeks or so, Arthur compiled a litany of successes in the areas of military action, diplomatic efforts, the economy, infrastructure, whole facets of Iraqi life otherwise unknown in the rest of the world, and wholly ignored by mainstream media.

Arthur was deservedly supported by many friends in the conservative press, as well as in the blogosphere, with his good news reports a highlighted link at sites such as Winds of Change, and featured prominently by the editors of the Wall Street Journal and their Best of the Web Today site.

With his efforts, Arthur demonstrated hope and perseverance. He role modelled much of character and determination for his friends and admirers in the blogosphere. In a very real sense, Arthur could not have done more for the troops than if he had formed his own brigade, acquired the latest armaments, and arrived like the cavalry in the combat zone. He was truly a force multiplier.

He will be missed. Well we might pray for someone to pick up in his stead, and take on the labor of love for which he gave so much effort, with such fine results.

Arthur, from one of your many MILBLOGGER friends, thanks for a job well done, and our best wishes for your continued success and fruitful contributions for freedom.

UPDATE: Coincident with Arthur's retirement today, Joe Katzman announces a new incarnation of Good News from Iraq, in the form of Good News From The Front, a new blog that carries on Arthur's fine legacy. Good News From The Front, Joe reports, "will be carrying on Arthur's work with his blessing, and with the full participation and support of the bipartisan, Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. Check their roster link in our team list - it's impressive."

Joe also elaborates their mission statement:
Our motto/byline is "Over There: The Rest of the Story". We know Arthur has appreciated your support, and we're hoping you'll continue to uphold this important effort - even as we continue to bring the public a lot of the news it doesn't hear in the MSM.
Arthur's last post is up at the new site. Go check it out, and pass on your sentiments!

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