Thursday, September 08, 2005


Dadmanly's Oil for War Too

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I'll be blogging through Bill Whittle's monumental Tribes until I run out of steam. It's just too good, you need to read it if you haven't already.

Bill at one point objects to the the War being exclusively "deeded" to President Bush, when so many of us voted for him, and support our efforts in Iraq:
Many people refer to Iraq as George Bush’s war, a charge I find shockingly unfair -- to me. I voted for him in 2004, and I support that war in earnest. In future billboards, I would like to be mentioned as having Kids Die in George Bush and Bill Whittle’s War for Oil, and I expect the new crop of MoveOn bumper stickers to say DEFEND AMERICA: STOP BUSH AND WHITTLE. I’m tired of being left out of this. George Bush did not take over the White House with a six-shooter; people voted him into office with the biggest number of votes in American history. I’m one of those people, and damn you liberal cheapskate sons of bitches, I demand my equal time.
...and Dadmanly. Anytime. Put that name up there too, I share the blame as well. (Though I am an even more reluctant Sheepdog than the modest Mr. Whittle.)

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