Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I am Pro-Victory

And you should be too!

This is a terrific idea, suggested by Jay Tea at Wizbang, and "graphically enhanced" by North American Patriot. (Note the new and fetching “I Am Pro-Victory” graphic in the sidebar, designed by Wonder Woman at North American Patriot.)

In today’s politically correct culture, any form of competitiveness is viewed with great skepticism. In a world wallowing in moral relativity, the idea of beating or “winning” over one’s enemies is considered backward and primitive. The anti-war crowd treats the question, “What is it we think we want to win?” like a rhetorical question in need of an answer only for simpletons, or Conservatives (viewed as synonymous).

Victory is not a bad word, when the thing you vanquish is unadulterated evil. Victory is a social good. If the “War on Poverty” really was a war fightable by society, rather than by individuals necessarily fighting each on their own, we would want to win it. (And as individuals, we are pleased when we have won it, despite those who would have us limp along as victim non-combatants.)

Victory is a good word, for a good thing. We should be more comfortable than we have been in making use of it.

Victory means that many evil people, who believe the ends justify their irrational ends, meet their ends by our means.

Victory means that the citizens of a free Iraq cease to tolerate killers and thugs and foreign interlopers within their midst.

Victory will mean that a day will come when the level of violence in Iraq sinks below a level manageably by standard civil law enforcement.

Victory would mean that Iraqis could live under democracy and thrive once more as a people of rich historical legacy.

Victory would give tremendous encouragement to democracy movements all over the world.

Victory would mean U.S. Soldiers could go home having fully accomplished their mission.

Victory. It’s what we want. Jay Tea explains why, with a warning, too:
It's a good word. It says exactly what our goal is: to win, to defeat the enemy, to stop those out to destroy us and our way of life and impose their tyrannical vision on people.

And it has positive historic connotations, too. In World War II, we built "Victory" ships, bought "Victory" bonds, sent heroes on "Victory" tours. It's clear, it's concise, and it doesn't over promise or over commit or flail about in rhetorical helplessness.

And it casts a lot of the "anti-war" movement into exactly their role (yeah, ANSWER, I'm talking to you): they're not against the war, they're simply rooting for the other side.
Victory. Let's get some.

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