Monday, September 05, 2005


Interview with LTC Buzz Patterson

Thanks to Mrs G over at Mudville Gazette, for passing along the following announcement. I am scheduled for an interview with LTC Buzz Patterson on the program The Buzz Cut, to be "aired" at 1 pm EST today (Monday), September 5th, on RightTalk Radio.

The show is entitled Heroes and Those Who Document Them, and will also include COL Michelle Altiere, an Army JAG also serving in Iraq; and Brad Maaske of the The Iraqi Truth Project.

This is my first media interview, though not my first radio show. (Thanks Joe, the hour on your show back home helps keep me from jumping out of my skin right now!)

If you don't know Buzz -- and I will confess I didn't until he contacted me -- please follow this link and get to know him. He has quite a story to tell, and combines a stellar military career with a conservative perspective.

UPDATE: I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Buzz. He put me immediately at ease, and helped make it a great interview. I appreciate how he lets his guests talk quite extensively. (My LT would say, "Of course you do. But how about your audience?")

Before I had to sign off, I caught the first part of Buzz's interview with Brad Maaske of the The Iraqi Truth Project. Brad had a lot of interesting things to say about Iraqis and their nascent democracy.

Check it out on the program The Buzz Cut, on RightTalk Radio. I am told it will run for the next day or so, then rerun several times next weekend.

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