Monday, September 05, 2005


The Katrina Campaign

We witness the US military launch another campaign. They struggle and persevere in extreme and unsanitary conditions, on a mission to re-establish public order out of chaos. They are on point, assisting rescue, recovery and relief efforts, while at the same time providing security and supplementing failing local law enforcement.

Their victories here will provide comfort to the immediate victims of Katrina, and those subsequently harmed by any failures of local, state, and federal response to this disaster.

Today's best summary of the "big picture" of this campaign, not surprisingly, comes from a MILBLOGGER. Greyhawk provides links and outstanding commentary of events thus far in Baghdad on the Bayou.

Go read it all over at Mudville Gazette.

UPDATE: I meant to update this post to read, "Today's best summaries of the "big picture" of this campaign, not surprisingly, comes from MILBLOGGERs. And include a link to Jason Van Steenwyk and his fine series of posts on Katrina and the efforts of the National Guard in response to the humanitarian and public security crisis.

But Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit beat me to it. (That's okay, he'll drive a lot more traffic than I, don't you think? (Congrats, Jason!)

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