Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Little Manly's First Campaign

I have to share a Little Manly milestone. His first political campaign, and a successful one to boot!

Little Manly may one day wish his proud Father was a little less public about it.

But, as Mrs. Dadmanly and I say from time to time to our children, “I’ll go with you when you go for therapy. Lord knows we’ll have plenty to make amends for.”

Little Manly’s 4th Grade class needed to elect a Representative. Those who were nominated had to prepare an Acceptance Speech. Little Manly was favored with a nomination, and he prepared the following:

NOTE: Honestly, we don’t talk parties in front of him if we can help it, but he’s asked many times what the differences are and for what ideas the Parties stand.

Written as a title, upper right corner: “Republican Speech,” followed by the text:
I can’t and won’t say I am the best candidate. Also, I can’t promise you any new playgrounds or anything. I can though promise to always listen to what you want to say when you need or want to say it. I personally think that the school public is just as important as President because your ideas are just as good as the student council’s. Plus I really support the idea of a cancer fund, children’s hospital fund, and an M.S. fund. Even though I can’t promise you anything but the first thing I’ll mention is to make a fourth grade playground and to make the school cooler. I mean it, I will try to do everything you say and will mention it to the council. Also to finish off to say that this is a great sign of democracy.

Thank you for your support.
I think he’s found the right party. (Even if he still slipped in a little pandering on the playground bit.)


Dear Little Manly,

Congratulations, Buddy! That's great, that you were elected a Representative!

Remember, as I know you will, that it is an honor to serve others as an elected Representativem even if it's only school. It's an important responsibility, because your classmates decided to put their trust in you. And you must try hard to earn and respect that trust by doing what's right. Usually, that's what your friends and classmates want you to do, but sometimes it means taking a stand for what's right, even if they don't like it. (They can always elect someone else next time.)

I am very proud of you. You are such a great kid, and you're doing so well in school, at soccer, at home with Mom, even in the way you are respectful and polite to adults, and such a kind a caring friend at school and at church and with our neighbors.

Little Manly, you are a Hero to your Mom and I and your grandparents and aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews and cousins ... Because this year and a half that I have been away has been a big sacrifice for YOU to make, to have your Dad go away and serve our country.

But I know that you know it's important, that our country is the greatest on earth, and that we stand for liberty and freedom and all that is right and noble and pure in man, as helped in that right and nobleness best, with God's help.

I can't wait to get home and give you a great big hug.

Love always,

Your Dad

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