Saturday, October 29, 2005


Flowers from the Graveyard of War

Joe Katzman writing at Winds of Change heralds "Chief Wiggles" book, Saving Babylon.

If you don't know who Paul "Chief Wiggles" Holton is, you need to go introduce yourself. Start with Joe's laudatory comments, then check out the Chief's website for the book, and buy it. They'll make great Christmas presents for anyone who wants to read an inspirational story about some of the best things that have come from our liberation of Iraq: the good works and sacrifices of the finest men and women to ever serve our country.

Here's an excerpt:
"Yes, war is hell; full of death, darkness, difficulties, and hard times. As soldiers we endure a lot and live without a lot, but all things can be turned into something positive as we look for ways to make a difference. Wherever we go, amidst death and destruction, there are opportunities to make a difference, to be a positive force for good. Small seemingly insignificant acts of love can bring about flowers from the graveyard of war."
Chief Wiggles is a remarkable man, a remarkable soldier, a remarkable human being.

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