Sunday, October 16, 2005


The Iraqi People Have Won

The Iraqi People have won. Again.

Listen to this. On January 30th this year, when Iraqis first voted for representatives for their National Assembly, former regime and other Baathist elements, coupled with Al Qaeda in Iraq, launched over 147 attacks to try to disrupt the elections. They failed, and the world first saw the purple-fingered triumph of democracy.

Yesterday, the Iraqi People thrust another purple finger in the eye of Al Qaeda, which managed to muster only 14 attacks throughout the entire country. Failed, and failing, chased and discredited, humiliated and shamed for their ruthless indifference to those they purport to help. They insult the very faith traditions from which their mutant strain of hate sprang, ill-born.

We’re winning. The Iraqi People are winning. Democracy, and its prospects around the world, thrives. We are witnessing a Century of Freedom unfold.

The Iraqi People have won, no matter what they have decided about this draft Constitution of theirs. Because they have experienced something dramatic, something new in their history, and as easily as they vote today, they can vote again the next time. They have vanquished those who truly sought to oppress them and keep them in bondage: if not Saddam’s, then the captivity of low expectations and cynicism.

The Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police are largely responsible for the relative safety and security enjoyed by the vast majority of Iraqis as they headed to the polls for the second time in less than a year. There are reports of courage, of resistance, of bravery in the face of danger. And of danger dissipated, of grievances surrendered in exchange for the possibility of inclusion and influence. We shall all know shortly if the result is as successful and triumphant and complete as initial signs indicate.

Kurd and Shia and Sunni. They have birthed themselves a Republic, if they can keep it (to evoke Franklin).

The Afghan people achieved their own purple-fingered milestone in late September.

Can there be a people where the hope of Democracy cannot reach? Can there be a corner of the world where the appeal of Liberty does not penetrate?

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