Sunday, October 02, 2005


Mountains and Molehills

P.J. O'Rourke sheds some crocodile tears for liberals while speculating about Two, Three, Many Katrinas.

Note the gem in this paragraph:
Onward and upward is the maxim of the politically progressive. Liberals need to go straight to the top if they want more Katrina disasters. Where conservatives perceive only molehills of individual responsibility, liberals can make mountains of government accountability. Disasters are fostered by moving the responsibility for things up and away, as far from the things themselves as possible. Look what the Soviet Union's Himalaya of a government was able to do with atomic power at Chernobyl.
You have to wonder if writers as good as O'Rourke come up with pithy observations like that, then save them up in some kind of rhetorical rolodex until just the right opportunity.

(Sigh.) There's always some new way to put words together, right? I suppose. Takes me a lot more effort than that to find them, though.

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